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and the city." no, it is sex on the base. sex in uniform. yeah. can't get away from it. we talked about it yesterday. it keeps growing and growing and growing. the david petraeus sex scandal. the latest news just broke this morning this is not in this morning's newspapers. you'll hear it here for the first time. another top general in afghanistan, the guy that took david petraeus' place john r. -- general john r. allen has now released -- forced to release -- turns out he was having some kind of an exchange. we think it might have just been limited to e-mails. we don't really know but he released -- get this, somewhere between 20,000 and 30,000 pages of e-mails called inappropriate e-mails with jill kelly who of course, is the third woman -- or the second woman in the david petraeus love triangle that brought him down. he was having an affair with paula broadwell. broadwell, right. paula broadwell thought that jill kelly might be honing in on her action. so she started sending some threatening e-mails to jill kelly a
family from delaware city, delaware to salem new jersey, back to 1824 and then, big discovery from there to riga in latvia where it appears the whole press clan came from. very exciting. and you never know what you're going to discover but ancestry.com has made it easier for you. they're the largest source of documents. they've got over 10 billion historical documents online. they've made it easy for you to del in there. see what you can find out about your family. go to tryancestry.com to try your journey. they'll give you two full weeks free. tryancestry.com. tryancestry.com. dan, we've been talking about general petraeus here. what's the twitter world? >> you can follow us at bpshow at bpshow, you spoke with eliot spitzer about the fiscal cliff. mr. jk989 says tell congress and the president don't let the middle class at the bottom of said cliff. >> bill: good, good, good. >> we're on facebook at facebook.com/billpressshow. on petraeus and the investigation, marie green says i think it is tragic that our
attention over others on the web site. the rest of the top five cities were republicans looking for love will find better luck. jacksonville dallas, houston and colorado springs. scottsdale is the place to be. go to the desert. >> bill: just become democrats then they can find love anywhere. >> there you go. and in sports, the atlanta falcons are no longer perfect. the new orleans saints handed them their first loss of the season yesterday. in a close match-up, they just won by four. falcons are now 8-1. they share theful the nfl-leading record with the houston texans. the league's first tie in a game in four years. the san francisco 49ers and st. louis cardinals finishing at 24 points each after overtime. it included missed field goals from both teams. >> bill: don't they keep playing until somebody wins? >> only in the playoffs, not the regular season. >> bill: really? i didn't know that. the falcons lost and alabama lost. >> that's why peter's not here today. he's drowning his sorrows in milk. >> bill: h
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4

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